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PSD - Personal Security Detail

The vz. 58 - Armorer

Bodyguard 2015

Pištoľ Level 1 - Hodkovce

CQB - Tactical entrances to enclosed spaces

The course for women

MIRA - Medicine In Remote Areas

Drill - rifle

AR15 / M4 - Operator

SWAT Air Assault

Lt. Col. Dean Hutson - US Police Sniper

AR15/M4 - advanced

Long distance shooting

Drill course pistol

Gun licence course

AR15/M4 - assault rifle

Rob Pincus

Spartan Tactical

Medic in crisis zone

Gabriel Suarez

AK47 / AKM Operator




Tactical shotgun

Knive and Telescopic baton

PSD Operator Bootcamp


Bodyguard course

Bodyguard - Tactical shooting

Bodyguard Bootcamp
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