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Bodyguard - Hi-Risk Vehicle Course

Description and goals of course

Course participants will be prepared for a very high level of work and combart in built in and IED facilities. The course provides a deal of information about given issue and highly realistic scenarios which are created by safety specialist with long – term experience in this firld of expertise.

An objective of this course is to understand and to adopt tactical planning principles of combat operation with vehicle convoy,identify the thread, carry out the operation of towing a vehicle from the crisis area as well as to adopt the function of individual and group element in operations with vehicle convoy in built in and IED fecilities The course is conducted through lectures on given issue and later through practical exercises under the supervision of instructors.

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Basic informations

Time and meeting area: ,
Course lenght : 2 days / 12 hours
Max. capacity: 14
Course is available for civilians and all armed forces.
Course is available only for paticipants with driving license (min. for passengers car).

what is waiting for you? (overview of course)

  • Maintenance and supply
  • Methods of thread evaluation (life threatening / not life threatening)
  • Communication
  • METT-TSL/C (mission,enemy, terrain, weather, available forces, support, time available, area, logistics/command)
  • Patrol principles
  • Tactics, technics and methods for movement
  • Vehicle dividing and technical specifications and configurations of vehicles
  • Vehicle preparation/set up
  • Individual responsibility
  • Communication when in convoy and specific language in vehicle
  • Convoy organization
  • Highly threatened areas
  • Base points
  • Formation of vehicle convoy
  • Activities and tactical proceedings when in stop
  • Rule 5-25

What to take with you

  • Notebook and writing tools
  • Tactical clothing/ tactical vest, armor vest, helmet,protection mask,tactical gloves (available for rent)
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Ear protection (electronical headphones are preffered) and eye protection( shooting glasses)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads
  • Pistol and holster (available for rent10 EUR/day ), carabine (available for rent 10 EUR/day) with tactical strap (3-point-tactical strap is prefered), shotgun (available for rent 10 EUR/day)
  • Magazine (3 pieces) and magazine holsters/pistol (available for rent)
  • Magazine (3 pieces) and magazine holsters/carabine (available for rent)
  • Number of ammo: 0
  • Tactical light/target lighting (suggested)
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