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Specialist protection - PSD

Description and goals of course

The course is designed for those interested in working in a high security risk environment. The difficulty of the course and the quality of the information output reflect the demanding nature of the profession.

The course will be conducted by instructors who work or have worked as Private Security Detail (PSD), especially in the Middle East. Practical exercises will mostly be in English. Therefore, at least basic linguistic knowledge is desirable. In our training area, students will practice established operational procedures in both combat and non-combat situations. Great emphasis is placed on cooperation and communication in the team in crisis situations. For this purpose, a number of practical exercises and model situations in the real environment will serve day and night. Selected students will receive personal recommendations in addition to the course certificate.

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Basic informations

Time and meeting area: ,
Course lenght : 6 days / 60 hours
Max. capacity: 6
The course focuses on the exercise of protection of persons in areas of high security risk.
High difficulty. The course is open only for course graduates: Tactical Gun Shooting - Basic Level 1, Tactical Attack Rifle Shooting - Basic Level 1.

what is waiting for you? (overview of course)

  • Operating Safety at Work
  • Setting security measures
  • Team composition, individual member duties
  • Equipment, armament and other technical material
  • Recognosing, orientation and movement in the field, working with the map (GPS)
  • Walking and Mobile Formations
  • Team communication (verbal, nonverbal, radio), PSD slang
  • Combat and non-combat operational procedures

What to take with you

  • Notepad and stationery
  • Internet notebook or tablet
  • Toiletries and Sleeping Bag
  • Personal tactical equipment (tactical vest, ballistic vest, helmet, gloves, knee and elbow protection)
  • Gun case and magazine cases, weapon rental (gun rental is included)
  • Civilian clothing
  • GPS
  • Ammunition - Assault Rifle: 500 pcs 7.62x39 (purchase: 125 EUR / 500 pcs)
  • Ammunition - pistols: 150 pcs 9mm Luger (purchase: 30 EUR / 150 pcs)
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