Tactical and defensive shooting courses with a gun

Level 6 - Defensive pistol

Description and goals of course

The first five minutes after using a firearm for defense can be as dangerous as the initial threat.

We will try to give you a theoretical lecture on what to do immediately after shooting at the scene of the incident, how to behave until the arrival of the police at the scene of the incident, how to communicate and cooperate properly and what to focus on in the initial minutes after using a firearm. Then we will move to the shooting range, where we will use various exercises and drills to combine the decision-making process, evaluation and shooting into one whole. We have prepared several exercises and drills, in which participants must actively use perception and decide which of the goals need to be hit and at the same time communicate verbally in a comprehensible way.

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Course date Place Status Price
28.6.2020 - 28.6.2020 Banská 6301 - sídlo RDA, s.r.o., Nové Mesto nad Váhom Occupied 85 EUR Course is full Invite friends
16.8.2020 - 16.8.2020 Banská 6301 - sídlo RDA, s.r.o., Nové Mesto nad Váhom Available spots 85 EUR Order for a course Invite friends

Basic informations

Time and meeting area: 08:00, Banská 6301 - sídlo RDA, s.r.o., Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Course lenght : 1 day / 6 hours
Max. capacity: 12
The course is open to civilians without a firearms license and all armed forces.
The course is only open to graduates of the course: Pistol Level 1 - Safety and tactics in defensive shooting

what is waiting for you? (overview of course)

  • Theoretical lecture on the consequences of the use of weapons - Classroom
  • Repeat shoot
  • Exercises and drills in connection with the individual\'s decision-making process
  • Final 3D scenario

What to take with you

  • Notepad and stationery
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Rainwear
  • Good belt
  • Pistol and magazines (2pcs) (possibility to rent: 10, -EUR / day)
  • Possibility to buy hot food at the shooting range worth 5,50-EUR (soup and main course)
  • Number of rounds: 200 pcs (possibility of purchase: 40, - Euro / 200 pcs.)
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