Tactical and defensive shooting with rifle

AK-47 / AKM - Operator

Description and goals of course

Avtomat Kalashnikov AK-47 is the most widespread assault rifle of the world. In wider meaning AK-47 involves the entire extended weapons family of AK system, its types and versions produced not only in the USSR and Russia and elsewhere around the world. The course is focused on the specifics of handling and use of weapons of AK system, which are different in many ways in comparison with SA vz.58 and primarily with western types of assault rifles where the majority have system AR-15.

Participants will be trained in tactical shooting to achieve combat effectiveness in defensive situations. Tactical skills, safety, accuracy and speed in defensive situations obtained during the course are achieved by a wide variety of AK-47/AKM tactical shooting exercises and drills. Course training also includes the scenario situations with induction of stress factors of participants. The course objective is to achieve tactical and combat weapon handling in stressful conditions and combat balance between speed and accuracy with maintaining efficiency in defensive situations.

Note: Rent of assault rifle AK-47 / AKM is free.

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Drills Course - Assault Rifle AK-47 / AKM
Drills Course - Assault Rifles
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Basic informations

Time and meeting area: ,
Course lenght : 1 day / 6 - 8 hours
Max. capacity: 10
Course is available for civilians and all armed forces.
Beginner course.

what is waiting for you? (overview of course)

  • History and why AK-47.
  • Types and versions of weapons of AK system, design and principle of AK-47.
  • Wearing and placement of AK accessories.
  • Immediate reaction from carriage.
  • Safety/selector lever operating.
  • Shooting positions.
  • Malfunctions clearing and reloading in different positions.
  • Different positions target shooting.
  • Shooting and movement.
  • Situation evaluation.
  • Multiple target shooting from different directions.
  • Shooting check and evaluation / area check.

What to take with you

  • Notebook and writing tools.
  • Seasonal clothing.
  • Waterproof clothing.
  • Ear protection (electronical headphones are preffered) and eye protection (shooting glasses) - (available for rent).
  • Knee pads (available for rent).
  • Tactical gloves (suggested).
  • Assault rifle AK-47 / AKM (available for rent 0 EUR/day) with tactical strap.
  • Magazines (3 pieces) and magazine holsters (available for rent).
  • Number of ammo: 300 pcs. 7,62x39 (available for sale: 80 EUR/300 pcs.).
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