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Active Shooter

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50 pieces of ammunition marker 9mm MMR (Man Marker Rounds) - RED NON TOX: 50 pcs in the amount of 100, -EUR included in the price

Active Shooter (AS) is an individual or group that is actively engaged in killing or trying to kill people in closed and populated areas. In most cases, AS uses a firearm / weapons, or cold weapons or explosives. AS cases are unpredictable and are rapidly evolving. In order to stop AS shooting and reduce the number of its victims, it is usually necessary to immediately deploy the force components. RDA is the only agency in Slovakia, which is authorized to use a UTM marking ammunition in the private sector.

The two-day Active Shooter course is designed to teach you how to respond to AS actions and immediate action against the AS and eliminate its threat. Practical training with a conversion weapon set of dyeing ammunition in Glock Glocks is preceded by a theoretical lecture in the classroom.

Shooting tactics and AS action were developed by our external instructor Dean Hutson with the USA. At present, the AS course is conducted by our own instructors trained and internationally certified, while the course teaches integrated tactics that are enhanced by the introduction of the latest knowledge of crisis events, especially from the US, France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Time and meeting area: ,
Course lenght : 2 days / min. 16 hours
max. capacity: 10
Course is available for civilians and all armed forces.
Course is available only for paticipants of Tactical Pistol Shooting Course - Tactics and Safety in Defensive Shooting - Beginner - 1.

what is waiting for you? (overview of course)

    The first day - the theoretical lecture in the classroom about 4 hours
  • Active Shooter Concept, Differences
  • Theme, Situation, General Rules, Attacks
  • Brief history of AS incidents in the world
  • Tactics of the procedure, Response strategy
  • Targets of attackers, attacker tactics
  • Equipment and Equipment Requirements for AS Case Management
  • Lunch Break
  • Monday to transfer to the shooting gallery and Practical training about 4-5 hours (maybe even more)
  • Basics of access and access to buildings
  • Primary arrival and layout
  • Create the first two-member team
  • 360 ° rule
  • Create 2, 3, and 4-member teams and their independent move tactics
  • Command and Control
  • Input and Prevailing at Entry Point
  • Cleaning rooms, search and contact mode
  • Rescue and evacuation from buildings Second day - Practical exercises - about 8-9 hours, building and space in front of the building
  • Practical exercises - according to the instructors course
  • Search and Contact Mode, Elimination of an attacker
  • Evacuation of the injured, concentration of persons in the assembly
  • Explanation and training of Rescue Team tactics and activities

What to take with you

  • Notepad and stationery
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear with any possibility of dirt or damage
  • Tactical light
  • Eye and ear protection, gun case and magazine housings, wheel protectors (free of charge
  • Purchase of hot meals for 5, -EUR at the shooting range (soup and main dish)