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The vz. 58 - Armorer - Maintenance and repair

Course description and objectives

The goal of this course is to familiarize participants practical training and theory of design, care, diagnosing faults and wear rifles vz. 58, as well as safety features and proper functioning of all parts of the weapon. One possible course is also fault diagnosis and party wear their own weapons by the army methodology and products.

Length of the course: 1 day / 6 hours, Max. number of participants: 10
Course is available for civilians and all armed forces.
Beginner course.

    Content of course

  • Security control arms, a safety diagnosis weapons
  • Type, designation and function of the main parts of the weapon vz. 58
  • Principles (Cleaning - Lubrication - preservation)
  • Disassembly and reassembly of the essential parts, explain procedures
  • Diagnostics wear components and their effect on the function, reliability and safety
  • Perform a complete separate compilation and diagnostics weapons

    Equipment and weapons

  • Notebook and writing tools
  • Assault rifle vz. 58 (available for rent: 0 EUR/day)
  • Magazine (1 pcs)
  • Gun cleaning kit

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