Tactical and defensive shooting with rifle

AR15 / M4 - Operator

Description and goals of course

Participants are familiar with high-level tactical and safe handling of an M4 assault rifle in defense situations, followed by combat and mental superiority.

The priority and main focus of the course is to familiarize the participants with the techniques and combat tactics of near-and medium-range barrier shooting in high-defensive situations. Further, the subject of the course is to familiarize the participants with the technique and tactical procedure of solving the defects in the gun, as well as the techniques of the breast shooting with the help of collimators.

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Drills Course - Assault Rifle AR15 / M4
Drills Course - Assault Rifles
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Basic informations

Time and meeting area: ,
Course lenght : 1 deň / 8 hours
Max. capacity: 10
The course is open to civilian candidates and all armed forces.
The course is open only for course graduates: Rifle Level 1 (Tactical Shooting - Assault Rifle - Basic Level 1)

what is waiting for you? (overview of course)

  • The history, design and principle of AR15 / M4
  • Accessory and Layout
  • Gun control and gun controls
  • Shooting through various types of sights (mechanical, collimator, optical)
  • Ponos initial response
  • Unplanned and scheduled / tactical bump
  • Troubleshooting & Troubleshooting
  • Target shooting from different positions
  • Multiple Target Shooting
  • Situation evaluation
  • Review and Evaluate Shooting

What to take with you

  • Notepad and stationery
  • Seasonal clothes
  • Rainwear
  • Hearing protection (we prefer electronic headphones) and eye protection (with ballistic protection)
  • Knee Protection
  • Assault Rifle (Possibility of rent: 20 Euro / 1 Day) with Tactical Strap
  • Magazines (3 pcs.) and magazine cases (rentable)
  • Number of cartridges: 150 pcs. (possibility to buy: 68, - Euro / 150 pcs. caliber .223 Remington)
  • Tactical / shooting gloves (recommended)
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