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SWAT Air Assault

Course description and objectives

The SWAT Air Assault (SWAT AA) Course is designed to teach both Teams and individual SWAT Operators the tactics and techniques needed for a helicopter insertion into a hostile and/or denied location. Utilizing Fast Rope and Rapid Deployment from helicopter techniques, the Police SWAT or Military Special Forces Operator will be directly inserted into the operational location as needed.

Instructor: LTC. Dean Hutson - Deputy chief of Grandview US Police Lieutenant Colonel Dean Hutson is a 24 year veteran of the American Police Forces and a 29 year veteran of the United States Army. As a Deputy Chief of Police he has served as Patrol Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, SWAT Team Sniper, SWAT Team Sergeant, SWAT Team Commander and Patrol Division Commander/Deputy Chief of Police. He is a Range Master and graduate of the FBI National Academy at Quantico and the FBI Sniper Course. Deputy Chief Hutson is a well known and highly respected instructor who regularly conducts training throughout Europe, South America the United States and Asia. He is a Police Academy Instructor and a POST certified instructor in the United States. As a US Army Lieutenant Colonel he is Commander of a Special Marksmanship Unit who has deployed in combat – with the US Army Special Operations Command - to Iraq, Bosnia, Kurdistan and Afghanistan. He is mountain warfare qualified and has earned the Military Parachute Badges of 7 countries. He has been awarded 3 Bronze Stars, 2 Meritorious Service Medals and the Combat Action Badge. He holds a US Government Top Secret Security Clearance and his most recent combat tour lasted 15 months as a primary Combat Security Advisor to the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

Certification: Official US Police SWAT Air Assault certificate with autorization letter of US Police

Deposit of couse price is 250 EUR. Instructions about payment - by email after enroll.

Length of the course: 3 days / min. 24 hours, Max. number of participants: 30
Course is available for civilians and all armed forces.
Course of higher difficulty, ability to participate can be considered individually. Participant may have no former experience (beginner), but should have good mental and physical condition, not to be afraid of heights and be responsible for your health.

    Content of course

  • During the SWAT AA Course you will be instructed on how to plan and conduct these types of operations for both land and ship based operations. Equipment needs, air liaison requirements, weather planning, selection of proper helicopters for specific missions, Landing Zone (LZ) planning, personnel training and the actual live deployment of personnel in a tactical manner via Air Assault Landings and Fast Roping are covered in this very fast paced 3 day course. Students will be able to not only plan the mission – but also perform the mission upon completion of our course. Classroom instruction, ground training & run-throughs and airborne flight hours will all be used to familiarize students with the procedures needed to conduct these complicated and cutting edge tactics. You will be taught how to plan the initial assault and the tactics and techniques needed to mark and secure a Helicopter Landing Zone – HLZ – using marker panels for day ops and illumination and IR markers for night ops.

    Equipment and weapons

  • Military combat or Police tactical uniform to include boots (NO ‘sports shoes’) helmet, gloves, hydration system (canteen/Camelback), ear protection, small writing pad and pen, flashlight and any equipment you would normally be assigned and carry on standard Military/Police operations. Long airsoft weapon (available for rent).

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