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Shooting range

RDAcademy is the largest marketing provider of training on the field of tactical and defensive shooting in Slovak Republic. Over the years, we have systematically built facilities and equipment that are available for our clients and for internal use. For more information regarding rentals, please, contac us on or call +421 917 718 467.

Following options are available:

Training area DRAPLIAK

There are various shooting ranges within the training area of Drapliak. It is typically used for trainings of private and governmental agencies. It is possible to conduct trainings up to 500m, with calibers up to .50cal.

Shooting Range Kameňolom (Quarry) in Čachtice

Range usually serves as a training ground for shooting clubs, competition venue for domestic as well as international events, and hobby shooting.

Technical equipment, supplies and weaponry

Includes all the necessary equipment for shooting and training. We can offer different types of pistols, rifles and shotguns, vehicles for transportation and training, as well as plate carriers, vests, helmets, eye and ear protection for individuals, etc.

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