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RDAcademy is the largest commercial organization in Slovakia in the field of defense and tactical shooting training. We own a systematic background that is fully available to our clients. We will be glad to meet all your requirements.

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Training area Drapliak

There are several shooting ranges in the area, including a complete background. It is used for organizing shooting training of security agencies, as well as a wide range of state and private organizations (possibility of shooting in cal. 50), training and shooting individuals, groups up to 500m.

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Shooting range KAMEŇOLOM Čachtice

The shooting range is mainly used for rental of sports clubs and shooting training organizations, sporting events and relaxation shooting (pistol, rifle, shotgun). It also serves to organize international shooting competitions. Shooting range is also available to the general public .

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Technical gear and equipment

All aids and supplies for conducting shooting sport and training. A multitude of types and types of weapons with accessories, passenger vehicles and shooting training, outfits - plate carriers, waistcoats, helmets, hearing and vision protection and much more.

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