Shooting range KAMEŇOLOM Čachtice

The shooting range is used to organize the training of security agencies, as well as a wide range of state and private organizations, training and shooting individuals and groups interested in weapons and shooting. In addition, the shooting range is used to organize shooting sporting events of all kinds. The shooting range is also open to the general public with the option of online booking.

Location: Čachtice Altitute : 203 m.n.m. Surface: 5600 m2 Position: N 48°43'46.5594" E 17°47'59.4558"

Are you interested in renting a shooting range?
Contact us via +421 917 718 467 or
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Possibilities on shooting range KAMEŇOLOM:

  • 18 shooting boxes
  • toilettes
  • lounge
  • parking

Access to individual free centers is clear, allowing independent shooting in individual boxes. A special area of ​​the shooting range is a space for training in a mere 100 m shooting, which can also be used for firing guns.

Opening hours and rental prices:

The shooting range is available to the public from 8:00 to 19:00 after booking. To book a shooting range, please contact us at or +421 917 718 467 or get reservation online

Online reservation of shooting range


One shooting box for max. 5 people / 1 hour: 20, - EUR
Full shooting range / day: 350, - EUR

It is possible to buy:

cardboard targets (IPSC, RDA), paper targets (various), metal targets

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