Technical gear and equipment

RDAcademy gives the possibility of renting the resources it uses for courses and training. We offer transport vehicles and shooting training, weapons, equipment, shooting aids and other materials. All terms and conditions of rental are governed by the Law of the Slovak Republic.

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With rent we offer

Vehicles specialized for transportation and shooting training:

  • 3x Land Rover DEFENDER, 7 places to transport people
  • 2x Nissan PATROL, 7 places for shooting training
  • Squadbike Honda Gladiator

Guns for shooting training or recreational shooting:

  • Glock 17 and 19, 9mm luger
  • CZ 75 and 85, 9mm luger
  • Assault rifle vz.58 in various designs, 7,62x39
  • AK47 / AKM various designs, 7.62x39
  • PAR Mk3 (AR15), .223 Rem
  • Remington 870, 12x76
  • Remingtom 700, .308 Win
  • others: PSL Romak, PS Arrow, Walther PPK, Walther P38, FN1906, Phoenix, Taurus UL, SVDragunov, B

Gear parts and material:

  • cases, straps and belts for weapons
  • ballistic protection carriers
  • helmets, knee and elbow protectors
  • Shooting glases and headphones
  • vests and chestrigs
  • static and mechanical target systems
  • supplies for accurate long range shooting
  • observation optics

We own a systematic background that is fully available to our clients. To clarify the specific conditions and the price of rental property and technical equipment, it is necessary to contact or by tel.: +421 917 718 467.