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Individuals conducting individual courses guarantee their high professional level. They are theoretically proficient with the necessary time of practice so that the information they give to the clients is of the necessary relevance.

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RDA - Didy

Jozef DIDY

CIBG - Director RDA a team leader of instructors

Team Leader and Certified Personal Protection Instructor, Shooting Training and Counter - Sniper Issues. From 2008 to 2011 he held the position of Director of the International Bodyguard Association IBA and ILETA The Counter-Terror Group. He participated in and participates in various specific missions outside Slovakia.

RDA - Luptak


Instructor in problematic of tactical shooting at long distancies

Since 1999, he served in the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic - 5th Regiment of Special Determination, where he served as a sniper. He participated in OS SR missions and ISAF operations under the command of US Special Forces. He worked as a PSD operator in Iraq for two years.

RDA - Holic


Assistant of tactical and shooting preparation

16 years of police experience. Active IPSC shooter, former Slovak representative in martial arts. Graduate of specialized shooting courses

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