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RDA team

RDA Team 1Members of our personnel, conducting classes, guarrantee high level of professionalism. Our employees have necesarry background of both theoretical and practical experiences.

Mgr. Miroslav SISKA - Executive manager

In Slovak law enforcement since 1984. From 1993 to 2010, he was working on executive positions of Special forces and units of Slovak Police, conducting trainings for Special forces of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

Jozef DIDY, CIBG – CEO of RDA, Team Leader of Instructors

Team Leader and certified Instructor for Close Protection, Shooting and Counter – Sniper. During years 2008 – 2011 he was former director of International Association of Bodyguards (IBA) and ILETA, The Counter – Terror Group. Deployed in high risk environments and missions abroad on regular basis.

Ivan ŠEBÍK – Main Instructor of RDA of Tactics and Shooting trainings

Professional soldier with experience from US Special Forces training programs. Honorably discharged from Special Forces of the 5th Regiment Slovakia, of position Instructor for Tactical Shooting.

Mgr. Libor NEMČOK – Instructor of Tactics and Shooting trainings

Ex-attendant of Police Special Forces. He was mainly specializing on problematics of secret personal protection. Since 1997, he is instructor of shooting and tactics for these special forces and services. He finished his career after 26 years of active duty. He finished many courses focused on secret personal protection in Slovakia and also abroad. He is an absolvent of US Marshal Service course.

Ján Lupták - Instructor for long range shooting

Since 1999, he served as a sniper of the 5th Regiment of Special Forces for Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic. He has participated in missions of the Slovak Armed Forces and ISAF under the command of US Special Forces. He worked as a PSD operator in Iraq for two years.

Ing. Ľudovít MIKLÁNEK – Instructor in the field of technology and legislation

RDA Team 2Graduated enginner and technician in the field of firearms. Specializes in judicial use of firearm and firearm ownership. Actively participates in legislative process and has long-term experience with firearm producers and firearm testing sites. He is a member of Slovak Acreditation Council and member of Technical Comission founded by Slovak Institute for Technical Standards.

Marta NOVOTNÁ - instructor and assistant of shooting training

Association League president of defensive shooting in Slovakia, instructor of Krav-Maga Slovakia. She is actively dealing with the problematics of legal possession of guns. What is more, she focuses on the interests of the community in the fields of defense and sport activities. “The issue of self-defense for women is the ability to use the available resources, and it is the women who are capable of being powerful in stressful situations. However, it is good to try and get to know our own reactions in such situations".

Ing. Martin MEDVEC - Instructor for Filipono Combat Systems Kali

17 years of experience in armed forces, 10 of those in Special Forces group under Department of Defense, 4 years as a team leader. During the course of his career, he conducted countless interventions against dangerous criminals. FCS Kali representative for Slovak Republic. Teaches FCS Kali in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico. Participated and taught many classes and seminars focused on knife figting and gunfighting.

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