Sniper Level 3 - PRO

An advanced course that will test your theoretical and practical knowledge through a wide range of drills under stress and physical strain with the necessary use of optics correction and transfer of deliberate warp.

Description and goals of course

The course is focused on the development of dynamic sport shooting.

  • Shooting from behind obstacles, from different positions, time constraints built on the principles of dynamics and accuracy.
  • Shooting exercises to practice shooting at an angle , multiple targets at different distances and time constraints.
  • Utilizing a system of adjusting corrections vs transferring an intentional warp-technique of shooting using vertical and horizontal corrections using an intentional warp.
  • Cold shot specification , causes and methods of elimination. Shooting at vanishing targets.    
  • Shooting in reduced visibility

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or tel.number: +421903325602

What is waiting for you? (overview of course)

What to take with you

Tvoje hodnotenie

Information about course

Course place Banská 6301 - sídlo RDA, s.r.o., Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Max. capacity 10
Duration 2 days / 16 hours
Predispositions The course is open to civilians without a firearms license and all armed forces.
The course is open only to graduates of the course: Level 1 Long Range Sport Shooting
Price 300.00 eur

Course dates

We preparing another dates

Interested in this course?

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