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RDAcademy has its strong position on the market since 2007, and since then it has become authority in providing complex training programs using its great material and potential, including armaments, equipment and facilities on internation level.

Our products are suitable for wide range of clients from professionals of private or governmental sectors, to beginners and events/teambuildings for companies.

Our company is holder of Firearms Dealer License and we conduct our business with close cooperation with governmental agencies with high regard for law. We value privacy, honour, dignity and good name of our clients, and we act accordingly.

RDAcademy offers you wide range of classes, seminars and events managed by professional instructors, such as:

About Us

  • gunhandling and gun ownership under the laws of Slovak Republic (CCW permit)
  • defensive shooting in multiple levels of proficiency
  • tactical and combat shooting
  • long-range marksmanship hunting
  • close protection
  • survival in crisis
  • first aid in crisis
  • assertiveness, psychology and selfcontrol
  • team development and cooperation (teambuilding / event)

All seminars can be held in English language as well.


Principles 1We know that it is mandatory to have a system if we want to have a successful trainig in unforseeable and highly stressful situations. Professional gun-handling stands on 3 pillars that have to be mastered in order to achieve skillset for handling a crisis.

  • Theory and tactics

    – knowledge of principles on how different firearms and techniques work. Reasons why certain things are done in certain manner and how to optimize these techiques if situation dictates so.
  • Practice and Drills

    – proficiency in gunhandling and its refreshing on regular basis. Terms such as muscle memory and drill must be in a dictionary of every proficient shooter.
  • Values and mindset

    – these are the elements that help shooter to assess crisis quickly and decide accordingly. Being aware of possible consequences, and based on this realisation, choose priorities correctly.

Principles 2Every training concept must incorporate common basic pillars. RDA has this concept and offers it to you. That is why in our classes you will meet exclusively with professionals, who have huge potential in our company. Our concept is based on three steps:

  1. SENSE

    – use all of your senses so that you can have good overview of your surroundings; otherwise, your reaction will not be sufficient and there are no second chances.
  2. THINK

    – the strongest weapon of every warrior is his brain. Asses the situation, decide wisely and act with precision, as you will not be able to take the shot back.
  3. DO

    – fight like you train, do not be careless with your weapon, be aware of other people within the situation.

Our goal is to create self-reliant, responsible, both mentally and physically, prepared individual – shooter prepared for real situations.

We are here for you. RDA Team

                                          “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”    W. Edwards Deming


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