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RDAcademy has been operating on the market since 2007. It has not only professional but also systematically created material and technical background. We provide our customers with educational and training activities, equipment, gear, shooting and training facilities on international level.

Our products are focused on a wide range of customers not only from the professional environment (state and private sector) and professional public, but also for beginners and corporate clients (events / teambuilding).

We are a license holder. We cooperate to the necessary extent with the relevant public administration bodies and strictly observe the Slovak law. Our company has consistently taken care to protect the client's personal data, its seriousness, dignity and honor, as well as the protection of business secrets.

RDAcademy can offer you and implement the widest range of tactical courses led by professional instructors, exercises and seminars in Slovakia, especially:

  • possession, manipulation and use of the weapon in accordance with the law of the Slovak Republic
  • defensive shooting in various degrees of difficulty
  • tactical shooting
  • accuracy shooting on long distancies
  • personal protection (bodyguard)
  • survival in crisis conditions
  • first aid in crisis situations
  • assertiveness, psychohygiene and self-control
  • team development and cooperation (teambuilding / event)

We are able to keep all provided services, courses and seminars in English in addition to Slovak.

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We know that if the shooting training is to work in situations that are difficult to predict, it must have a pre-set system.

Theory and tactics - Knowing how weapons and procedures work. Reasons to do things in the ways you need and how to adjust them appropriately if necessary.
Values ​​and psyche - are what helps the shooter quickly evaluate and decide in a crisis situation. Be aware of the consequences that can and will make the right choice of priorities.

The concept of training must take these fundamental pillars into account. RDAcademy has such a concept and offers it to you.

Our concept is based on a three-step sequence:

SENSE - Use all your senses to have a good overview of the situation around you and its circumstances. Otherwise, your reaction will be bad and you don't have to get another opportunity.
THINK - The most powerful weapon of a shooter is his brain. Evaluate the situation and respond properly, the shot can no longer be taken back.
DO - Use trained techniques in a particular situation. Observe all safety principles with regard to all persons involved and their role in the situation.

The aim of our courses and training is to physically and mentally prepare a responsible, self-minded and functioning individual.
A shooter who is ready for reality.

We are here for you. RDA Team

„You don't have to change anything, survival is not mandatory“ W. Edwards Deming


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