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Do you want to experience an unforgettable feeling full of adrenaline at the shooting range in the Small Carpathians, under the supervision of professionals?

We will prepare extraordinary event for you and your guests. All events focus on team building and quality time that will allow all participants to leave with great knowledge and new skills, all that with high regard on safety.

The core of a strong company is the “Esprit de Corps“. Our teambuilding activities are great tool for managers to shape the collective skills and to develop interpersonal proficiency that are forming your employees into synergic and effective team.

Events organized by RDAcademy


Do you need to build the goodwill? Be the company that makes the extra step! Whether you are a company of great standing, or you strive to be one, let us show you how to convince your partners that you are the right choice and that you appreciate them for the great job done.


Do you need more business partners or extra promotion for your product? Sales promotions will help you succeed on the market by showing you the ideal ways to present your company and products offering hunting, shooting and other outdoor activities.

For more information on prices and dates, please contact,,, or tel. contact : +421 917 718 467

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